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  1. Why Use GINSUU H2o Hair Color Powder?
    Model It is ideal for the person who wants a semi permanent hair color with "No Ammonia No Resorcinols No Parabens and No Peroxide". This makes GINSUU H2O one of the mild & safe hair colors’ available. *This product is relatively safe and Extra Gentle to scalp and hair. Low allergy risk.

    People who have a prior allergy to PPD please be aware that you may react to the ingredients in the formula ,a 48 hour Skin sensitivity patch test is recommended, should be made prior to application.

  2. How many applications on average would one packet cover?
    It depends on the volume of hair. In general, for short hair (length above ears) use about 30gm -50gm of GINSUU H20 powder mix with 120ml -200ml water. For long-shoulder length hair, use about 100gm - 150gm powder mix with 400-600ml water.

  3. How to use Ginsuu H2o Hair color?
    5 Easy Steps
    1. Shampoo hair (only if it is excessively oily) and towel dry.
    2. Pour Ginsuu Color H2O herbal powder into a glass bowl and add 3 parts of warm tap water to the powder to obtain a gel-like liquid paste. Mix well.
    3. Apply "Ginsuu Treatment Cream" generously on Scalp & hair line. For extra Protection on scalp & for extremely Soft & shiny after process.
    4. Apply Water based Color paste on hair and leave on for half an hour or 45 minutes. (*Avoid Scalp area)
    5. Rinse with shampoo & hair conditioner.

  4. What are the color shades available?
    Natural Black, Dark Brown, Special Brown, Chestnut Brown, RED-wine red & Burgundy.

  5. Is Ginsuu H2O color Semi Permanent hair dye? How long does the color last?
    Basically this product is a semi-permanent color. Once the colour has been built up over time, it stays long enough till the visible re-growth. Due to its natural characteristic, less chemical, mild, gentle & safe of the product, it may last for 3 weeks or 20 washes.

  6. I had used permanent chemical hair dye. Do I wait a certain length of time before applying GINSUU H2O colour?
    No problem. It can be used on semi, demi or permanent hair colour.

  7. Allergic to PPD?
    Should you already be allergic to para-phenylendiamine (PPD) ,this can trigger a range of allergies from chemical to natural ingredients . In this product, Less than 1% of PPD after diluted with water will be less aggressive, mild & gentle to scalp.

    User Tip
    Apply generously with Ginsuu Treatment Cream (* Barrier Cream) for Superb Extra Protection on Scalp during Hair dyeing process. Prevent Itchy & allergy scalp. Strongly recommended for "Dry & sensitive scalp" users for extra protection.

    Avoid Scalp area. Do not use to on eyelashes or eyebrows. Eye contacted: Flushing the eyes with clean running water. If problem worsen, seek further medical advice immediately.

Did You Know?

Ginsuu H2O color is the first hair color powder which contain 100% Pure Ginseng extract in the world.

Ginsuu H20 color mix ONLY with WATER. No Peroxide require.

Our MADE FOR YOU system means your Ginsuu hair color powder was Air-tight, dried, fine & freshly packed every time...... Product's shelf life lasted up to 5 years if pack remain sealed.

All Giinsuu colors can be MIX & MATCH. Eveybody is unique. It is very much depends on your hair texture & color.

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